Ableton Live Performance Class

Ableton Live opens up a world of creative potential for performing music live and DJ’ing. This one day hands on workshop will give you the necessary skills to use Ableton to start building your live performance set. You will learn how to prepare your music to be performed while building the necessary skills and knowledge to create a set that allows you to be creative and improvise while using a MIDI controller. Not only will you be able to incorporate multiple types of performance scenarios, you will learn how to do so in a manageable way that you can build upon. As well as learning how to properly use and create FX you will learn several powerful performance tips and tricks. If you’ve ever thought about performing live then this class is for you! This class welcomes all skill levels from beginners to advanced users looking to get into performing music with Ableton Live.  This workshop is hands on and all MIDI controllers welcome! 

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Prepare your original music to be performed using the 8×8 stemming method
  • Create, manage and build upon your own performance template and set
  • Learn how to use your MIDI controller to manipulate your music in realtime
  • Create and use performance effect racks and send and return fx
  • Incorporate live Instrument playing and drum sequencing
  • Set up a cueing system and general performance mixing techniques

Ableton Mixing Workshop


Mixing Workshop

Saturday March 8th 12-4PM
Sunday March 9th 12-4PM

Mixing is a necessary skill for any music producer to create a professional sounding song.  A great musical idea can be lost in a cloudy and muddy mix. If your mixes lack that punch, depth, clarity or are generally not loud enough this workshop is for you. Learn how to use and abuse the tools to get your tracks loud! This workshop will cover the necessary elements to create a professional sounding mix by first understanding how the tools work and then learning when and why to use those tools to achieve the results you want.


Elements of a Mix
Side-Chain Compression
Parallel Compression
Volume Balancing
Signal Chains
Prep for Mastering
Cleanup Vs. Creative Mixing
Fixing it in the arrangement
Fixing it in the sample, synth or recording
Dealing with your room
Inserts vs. Sends and Returns
Tips n Tricks

Ableton 101 – Feb 8th – 21st – 2014

session-osx copy 3Description: Make the music you’ve always wanted to with Ableton Live, a powerful tool for music production used by professional producers worldwide. In this 16 hour introductory course, you will learn how to use Live’s devices, loops, effects and instruments to create your own music. This course will walk you through the entire process of creating a song from start to finish with hands on examples and exercises. You will leave with an understanding of how to utilize both the session and arrangement view to create music, arrange a song and apply basic mixing techniques.

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Ableton 201 – Advanced Course – Sound Design, Synthesis, Sampling and Mixing


This is an Ableton Live course where you will learn about sound design, synthesis, sampling and advanced mixing techniques to further refine and develop your productions. Students will apply the ideas and techniques learned throughout the class with hands on examples that reflect different parts of the music production process. This course is a great sequel to my 101 course and also good for someone looking for more advanced Ableton knowledge.

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A Day in the Park – Oct 26th


Time & Location:

Saturday, October 26th 12-5pm

Golden Gate Park – Hellman Hollow (formally Speedway Meadows)

A Day in the Park is an event for music producers, performers and enthusiasts to gather and meet each other while hanging out in beautiful Golden Gate Park! We’re too often separated by our busy lives – what better way to reconnect than through our shared love for music.

Let’s hang out, get some sunshine and strengthen our music community here in the SF Bay Area! Come share ideas, tips, tricks, knowledge, frustrations, successes and a general shared interest for music on any level.

There will be a small sound system setup for people to play a song or do a very short (5-10min) performance. Play from any source you want – there will be various audio connections to the system but please bring your own equipment. This is not a show but rather an opportunity to share something you are working on with your community and meet people doing similar things.

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Short Reverb Decay Time


Reverbs with decay times under 1 second can be good for giving certain drum sounds a sense of space and make them a little bit bigger in your mix. Note that decay times under 1 second are measured in milliseconds. Try adding a little bit to your percussion sounds, toms and/or bongos in your next mix. I am using this reverb on a return track and sending to it so the wet/dry value is at 100%. If you are directly inserting the reverb on the track you will want to dial the wet/dry back to about 10-20% or to taste.